Julley – one word says it all

JULLEY!! As we drove towards Leh we came across this word a number of times. They were inscribed on rocks, painted on signboards and written on cars. It left us totally mystified. The mystery was soon solved as we interacted with the locals.

Julley is one word that signifies lots of things. It can mean a hello, good morning, have a nice day, how are you, thank you, see you later and much more. It all depends on the intonation of the word as you speak it. It depends on the situation whether you are meeting someone or someone has just held the door open for you. At first it seemed rather funny. We are used to speaking volumes and using varied expressions. Such simplistic usage of the word was alien to us. However, like the land, the word grows on you. Now we also say Julley quite frequently. The land and the word are both stark, simple and beautiful.









This single word also signifies the philosophy of this land, a philosophy that is minimalistic. Like the word itself the people here have a minimalistic philosophy. They do not need big cars, big houses, lots of money, malls, multiplexes, etc. They are a happy and content lot. The harsh land does not offer them much luxury but they are happy. You only have to observe their beautiful faces and you can see the contentment shining through.




They sit in groups in the market, sharing a cup of tea while they sell their wares.



They do not get angry when some car blocks their way. They will wait patiently for the other person to finish his job and drive away. There is no rage, no stress, no tension, and also almost no crime What they have they share with each other. Minimalistic, like I said.

There is a lot we can learn from the people here.

Peace, contentment, acceptance.

I consider myself lucky that I had an opportunity to live amongst them. Now it is time for me to leave but I will always treasure this experience.



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