Stok Palace..the residence


Stok palace is the official residence of the descendent of the Namgyal dynasty. After their defeat at the hands of the Dogra forces the royals moved across the Indus river to take up residence here. You can see it from afar, infact the airport itself. The most prominent identifying feature is the tall tower that has come up right next to it. Again the palace is at one end of the valley floor with its back up against the mountain.


There is a small museum inside which houses about 108 volumes of the Kangyur which are the teachings of Lord Buddha. You can also see certain dresses, weapons, jewellery etc used by the royals. These give up a tiny peek inside their lives.

The palace also has a restaurant that is laid out on a large terrace. Sit over there are sip a cup of coffee and enjoy the beauty all around.




As you drive back towards Leh you can also visit the breeding farm of the double humped camels. These camels are sent to Hundar where you can ride them on the white sands. Here at the farm you can talk to the caretaker and learn more about these amazing creatures.



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