Goa..planning an itinerary

What do you do before you plan a trip? I do research. I make notes. I plan an itinerary. The planning part is the most fun. So when we decided to make a trip to Goa I spent a happy time working out the details. How many days? What all to see? Where all to eat? Lonely Planet, Highway on my plate, Facebook recommendations all were taken into account. We decided on a 10 day trip that would include visiting lots of churches, walking on most of the beaches and eating lots of prawns. One must have one’s priorities straight.

OCD much?? 🙂

Goa is a fascinating place and I feel one trip is not enough to explore its charms fully. Old Goa is a must visit obviously with its many churches that are steeped in history. Old Goa was the capital of the Bahmani ruler Sultan Adil Shah of whose reign nothing remains. The only remnant of his rule are the two pillars from the gates of his palace that are still standing. Everything else was razed to the ground.



The Portuguese arrived in 1510 and ruled for the next 450 years. Now everywhere you see you find only Portuguese presence. At the height of Portuguese power Goa grew into a thriving and glittering city and came to be known as “Rome of the Orient”.

Aponso Albuquerque, the founder of Goa, built the first church the Lady of the Rosary. He also built the Se Cathedral which took 80 years to complete and is the largest church in Asia. Now you can see about 12 magnificent churches in the region of Old Goa.


Next on my list was food. Goan food. Prawns, fish rawa fry, xacuti, vindaloo, bebinca, dodol. Some old world authentic Portuguese cuisne. And the food there is awesome.


Then there are various water sports, snorkelling, para gliding. There is a vibrant night life. There are tatoos to be done. Feni to be drunk. Night markets, bazaars, boat rides, spice gardens, and so much more. Check the weather before you go. Stay hyderated!!

This is the beginning of my Goa chronicles. Stay with me !!


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