Arpora Night Market..shopper’s delight

Well Goa is so much more than just churches and beaches. See all the churches and dunk in all the beaches during the day and then gear up for something more at night. The Saturday night markets are fun place to be. There are two main night markets. One is Mackie’s but that is the smaller one. The bigger and better one is the Arpora night market. It is a mad amd scene. There are cars blocking the main road and it takes you a long time to get past that and into the parking. They have a huge parking area but it is better to reach a bit early if you want to find a space.

The market has an eclectic mix of spices, tea, brass ware, clothes, paintings, sandals, puppets, lamps and so much more. I simply loved the variety of spices and masalas they had. You have whole spices such as nutmeg, pepper, bay leaf, cardamoms. etc. You have ready made masalas such as fish masala, chicken masala, tea masala, xacuti masala, desiccated coconut. Then there are various kinds of tea. Masala tea, mango tea, strawberry tea, chocolate tea, pineapple tea and much more.




Roam around the market enjoying the sight, sound and aroma.

There is a live band playing and you can take a glass of beer, sit and enjoy the music.


And not to forget the food!!! Describing it would not do justice to the variety and taste.


And remember it is only on plan accordingly!!!


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