Church of St Francis of Assisi


The Church of St Francis of Assisi is just a hop skip and jump from the Se Cathedral. It started off as a small chapel and then was later replaced by the church that you see today. Its interiors are beautiful with ornately carved panels and frescos. One can only look around mouth agape. The exterior is a simple whitewashed one but the interior is in exact contrast. It is lavishly decorated in the Baroque style using Cornithian influences. The altar is dedicated to St Francis and houses a statue of the saint. Above him is a statue of Jesus Christ.





As you move out from the church you see huge millstones on your right. These are the millstones of the old gun factory in old Goa. There are numerous small relics salvaged from the factory. There are also few ornately carved tombstones. IMG_20160215_144025


There are steps leading down to a small brick structure which turned out to be the Chapel of St Catherine. We were told that there used to be an older chapel at this very same spot that the founder of Portuguese Goa, Afonso de Albuquerque, had erected to celebrate his triumphant entry into the city on St Catherine’s Day. It is said that he actually entered the city at this spot and the chapel stands on what used to be the main gate of the muslim city, then known as Ela.



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