What is life without some good food! Few good eateries in Goa!

Ah food!

Ahhh seafood!!

I had a two point agenda in Goa : visit Churches and eat prawns. Tourist season in Goa is full of shacks and restaurants offering a plethora of food. The best is the fresh seafood that is available. Most eateries will have the day’s fresh catch on display and you can pick and choose what you want to eat and how you want it prepared.

Here are a few of my personal favorites in Goa. Of course these are totally my individual preferences.

Viva Panjim

Viva Panjim in Panaji is a quaint little eatery located in a old Portuguese kind house. The food is tasty at a very reasonable price. This is one of the eateries that I visited twice. It tends to get crowded at lunch time. The sitting area is scattered over three stories and also on the side walk. One visit is a must.


Fat Fish

The Fat Fish is located near Arpora and again a place hard to get a seat in during lunch or dinner time. The thali is much recommended be it chicken or fish thali.


The Ritz

The Ritz is quite popular amongst the locals and rightly so because of the quality of food. It is located in the heart of Panjim city.


The Horseshoe

If you want authentic Portuguese food then you must go to The Horseshoe. It is located in a 300 year old Portuguese house in Panjim. Chef Vasco Silveria whips up the food himself and he uses all fresh ingredients. You can make out the beauty of the dishes as you eat them.


Martin’s Corner

Located in Betalbatim, Martin’s Corner was a great experience. As you enter the restaurant you are greeted by a display of fresh catch of the day. You can pick any and then tell the chef how you want it cooked. The fish dishes are heavenly. A memorable experience to say the least.


You can find these restaurants and many more on tourist guides and google. I know I did. What most guide books will not tell you is that the beach side shacks are equally awesome. Hungry and tired we happened to enter one such beach shack and were totally taken in by the food. The decor is simple. The furniture, cutlery and crockery very basic. But the food, after all that is what actually matters, is awesome!!

There are so many  more amazing restaurants to talk about. The list can be endless. I came back with a good memory of prawns and Kingfish. And I came a fan of Bebinca and Dodol, the two desserts. And I came back in love with Goa. That is one place I have to go again and again!


One thought on “What is life without some good food! Few good eateries in Goa!

  1. Goa! My fav place too!! The recommendations coming from you who is such a culinary expert herself needs serious ‘go to’ planning to these eateries next time around. Infact Ritz and Martin’ s corner have borne the onslaught of our voracious appetite for seafood and I second your recommendation for the same.Thanx for the valuable info, Mukulika.


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