Charminar and Laad Bazaar..the essence of Hyderabad

Any trip to Hyderabad is, obviously, incomplete without a trip to Charminar. And even better if you can visit during Ramzaan. The sight then is something else. It is bright, shining, crowded, chaotic and fun. We were lucky enough to see the night life around Charminar after Iftar. Ladies were out shopping. The whole night air was aromatic with various kinds of street food. All the shops were strung with bright lights. The police force was out in full strength to maintain peace and decorum. Like i said, chaotic yet fun.

The Charminar was built by Qutub Quli Shah in 1591. It is said that the Charminar was constructed at the crossroads of the historical route between Golconda and the port city of Machilipatnam. It is also said that the Shah built the mosque to give thanks to God for stopping a plague outbreak in the city. The structure was intended to hold a mosque and a madarsa.

As the name states it the main thing that catches your eyes are the four minars or minarets. Four magnificent arches look out in four cardinal directions. The mosque is on the first floor.  One can just gaze with mouths agape at the beautiful mouldings and the architecture. The you look around at the shopping carts, the food stalls and most importantly the bangle shops. That is what the area is also famous for: bangles!

Laad bazaar.


Laad means to pamper. And the ladies are pampered with beautiful bangles to grace their wrists. The more popular bangles are made of lacquer. I had a gala time walking through the market, trying on bangles and buying a bunch of them. You will also come across shops selling clothes, bags, artificial jewelry etc. And you also get to taste kababs and biryanis. Can life get any better!!




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